Artiman Ventures
Yatin Mundkur, Partner

Founded in 2000, Artiman Ventures ("Artiman") is an early stage venture capital firm with offices in Palo Alto and Bangalore. Artiman targets investments in "white spaces," which it defines as large market opportunities where a company has no identifiable competition and at least a 12-month lead on existing technologies or the market. Artiman seeks to partner with "concept-stage" entrepreneurs to significantly impact a company's strategy, focus, team, industry relationships, business model, and culture to create world-class companies.

"We have had a longstanding relationship with Stanwich Advisors having raised three funds together since 2006. They have excellent relationships with institutional investors globally and we are very happy with our highly diversified investor base. As we have grown as a firm, Stanwich Advisors has played a critical role in helping us institutionalize our fundraising and investor relations functions. Moreover, Stanwich Advisors helped us articulate our strategy not only to our investors, but also to entrepreneurs and other business partners."

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